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High-dose NSAIDs could put your patients at risk

Assess your patient's risk


Up to1 in 4

chronic NSAID users may get an upper GI ulcer1


of these ulcers are asymptomatic–your patients may not even feel them2

Upper GI ulcers may form within

6.5 days

of starting NSAID treatment3

Know your patients’ risk factors and take appropriate measures to reduce the risk of upper GI toxicity

High-dose NSAIDs alone put your patients at moderate risk for upper GI toxicity. The American College of Gastroenterology calculates upper GI risk by evaluating several common risk factors.1

See your patient’s risk by selecting the risk factors that apply to them.1*



0 risk factors


1-2 risk factors


>2 risk factors or history of a previously complicated ulcer, especially recent

Consider alternative (non-NSAID) therapy.

Upper GI risk:

Experts agree on the need for gastroprotection with NSAID use in patients at increased risk for NSAID GI toxicity1,4,5†

Do you have OA/RA patients who could be at risk for NSAID-related upper GI/gastric ulcers?

Consider ibuprofen + gastroprotection in 1 pill for your OA/RA patients

See the data

Consider naproxen + gastroprotection in 1 pill for your OA/RA patients

Get the details

*H. pylori is an independent and additive risk factor and needs to be addressed separately.

Serious GI events can occur at any time during NSAID use and without warning.6,7

GI=gastrointestinal; NSAID=nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug; OA=osteoarthritis; RA=rheumatoid arthritis.


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